There are many things to consider when setting up your French subsidiary. Local knowledge is key and retaining a management team with that expertise is crucial to success. That team must also be able to communicate and work with your main company effectively. Similar consideration must be given to choosing a company to provide accounting services to your French subsidiary. Few organisations will have sufficient levels of resource and expertise in-house, so retaining an external accountancy firm is the sensible choice for most. At Vachon et Associes we have a team of  four partners and 40 colleagues who are expert in the French accounting system. Our team also has extensive international experience and our bilingual accountants are ideally placed to work closely with your own team in providing professional accounting services to your French subsidiary.

Accounting services for your French subsidiary from Vachon et Associes

At Vachon et Associes we are a full service practice offering the widest rage of accounting services for your French subsidiary. In addition to our French accounting expertise, we have extensive experience of international standards, such as GAAP and IFRS, and we are also experienced in working with the US and UK systems. Our accounting services for your French subsidiary can encompass audit, consolidation, taxation, reporting and payroll. Our vast experience with subsidiary companies has also led us to be expert in cross border transactions and expatriate taxation matters. As a medium sized practice, we believe that we can offer the best of both worlds: the resources to handle large and complex clients but also the flexibility to be able to provide tailored services to our clients.

The benefits of outsourcing accounting services for your French subsidiary

When you entrust us with looking after accounting services for your French subsidiary you can be sure that we will produce accounts to the highest French standards. Our local knowledge is vital here but our international experience also means that we can work closely with professionals in your other companies to ensure a clear and consistent financial picture is achieved. With Vachon et Associes, accountant in Paris, taking care of accounting services for your French subsidiary, it also lets you focus on the day to day challenges of growing a successful business in France. Having a clear view of the financial position of your French subsidiary is also vital when deciding on the level of investment in, and rate of growth of, your new venture.