Vachon et Associes is a leading CPA and audit firm based in Paris, France. We were founded in 1997 with the goal of helping global companies build their businesses in France. We achieve this by offering a full range of professional services based around taxation, audit and accounting. We are an internationally experienced practice and we bring that expertise to bear to benefit our clients. Our knowledge of both French GAAP and US GAAP means that we can help our clients gain a clear sight of the financials of their French business and compare this accurately with their other businesses. Clearly there are many similarities between French GAAP and US GAAP but it is vital to understand the subtle and complex differences to properly prepare your French accounts. For many clients, this is something that they prefer to entrust to us.

Additional accountancy services around French GAAP and US GAAP

As a leading CPA firm Vachon et Associes offers a full range of services to support our work in French GAAP and US GAAP. Our audit team, for example, provides both statutory audits and contractually based audits. Our taxation consultants also offer our clients wide ranging assistance. This can include help with preparation of all tax returns associated with your French business. We also offer wider tax management and tax optimisation advice. Our tax work with our clients further extends to tax audit and tax litigation. In addition to help with French GAAP and US GAAP, our accountancy team also works with clients in the areas of reporting, consolidation and payroll.

US and French GAAP services from an internationally experienced practice

Our work with many global clients means that we are fully experienced in both French and US GAAP but we also work with IFRS and national standards, like those of the UK. We are also expert in cross border transactions and we are fully experienced in expatriate and impatriate taxation issues. Working with French GAAP and US GAAP may form the core of our accountancy services but it can be seen that the expertise of Vachon et Associes extends much further. Some clients begin to work with us in a single area and perhaps when needing help with a specific issue. Many, however, go on to retain us across many areas of taxation, accountancy and audit. In each area our work adds value by allowing them to concentrate fully on the growth of their business.