Did you know that French payroll system is the most complicated in Europe?

In the past, the system never applied the PAYE which is mandatory today. But this should not worry you when your French payroll provider is only a call away.

Before starting a business or developing your current company, you have two options to pay your team, you have either the possibility to pay them by yourself or you can choose a payroll service in France such as a French payroll provider to carry out this mission for you. However, retaining a French payroll provider can be vital particularly if you have no experience in payroll tax legislation.

As a qualified French payroll provider, Vachon & Associés are your ideal payroll provider in France to assist foreign companies in the development of their French business. A French payroll provider must, among other services, calculate the number of employees that should be paid. Furthermore, one of the most interesting advantage is that all the tasks are accomplished for you: payroll tax payments, fiscal documents, payroll deductions… And the only mission you have to achieve consists in providing the time spent in each payroll period. Thus, you will save much time and much effort as well.

Our bilingual experts keep track of the changing French labour laws and collective agreements. If you’ve just set up a local French subsidiary, you might want to consult us as you hire employees. With our help, you can securely test the French market with low legal and financial risks

With Vachon & Associés you are sure to find a French payroll provider team composed of experts, able to carry out efficiently every service, without any mistakes. On the other hand, a payroll provider is not an added expense but a well-considered cost budget. Besides our mission as your French payroll provider, Vachon & Associés can propose a large range of accountancy and consulting assistance. In this context, we are totally familiar with issues as audit, consolidation, reporting and tax affairs. Using Vachon & Associés as your payroll provider in France involves engaging a firm that is fully experienced in all areas of the French pay and tax principles. This make it certain that you can have the guarantee that your employees receive correct pays-lips. Moreover, this implies as well that your employees are better able to concentrate on the work in hand, and are not discouraged by impacts of salary errors.

As your French payroll provider, our meticulous attention to detail also allows appropriate business and removes the threat of unexpected liabilities and their consequence on cash flow.

Easy and Full Payroll Advisory Services In France

Vachon & Associes provides customizable management and support of your staff. This can be attributed to our firm’s longstanding experience and perfect mastery of legislative and social practices of France. Once you pick your ideal candidate for the payroll of a French subsidiary, we introduce you to a qualified lawyer. Depending on the negotiated terms and collective bargaining, we help you to establish an effective employment contract in French or English.

We conduct payroll management in France through a user-friendly portal where you can send your employee information. Our cloud store is safe and we’ll help you understand its functionality before you start using it. If you want to change the status of your company to a different legal entity, there’s no problem. We will continue giving assistance in your employees’ payroll.

The Significance of Our Payroll Function

It is very important to pay your employees accurately and on a timely basis. If you don’t have time to ensure correct deductions and withholding of social contributions, Vachon & Associes performs audits services for your French company. We make sure that all contributions are remitted to social institutions when needed.

Because payroll relates to every department, all personnel evolution reflects in it. That is status changes, job promotion, incoming and outgoing employees among other developments. This function requires specialists who can maintain sharp regulatory intelligence and integrity.

Ultimately, we give correct records and calculations of key elements in employees’ net salaries. Keep in mind that payroll generates a particular cost in your business. We, therefore, optimize this activity when it seems complex and time-consuming so as to save your money.

Your employee pay slips must comply with French GAAP and Labour Code rules. The information determines how the net salary was calculated and who receives it. Printing a payslip needs more than a piece of paper. You don’t have to be intimidated by the number of lines or items to include in this critical document. Let your French payroll provider do the hard work for you.

Our efficient English-speaking team are waiting to guide you through the payroll process. They are reachable through telephone and email. Ask for a quote today.