US residents in France as foreign societies are compelled to file tax returns as are required other foreign residents. This means that they are taxable. And in order to determine their taxable income relating to French taxation for US residents, it is vital for companies to request the assistance of professionals well-informed with all areas of income tax in operation in France.

At Vachon & Associés, we are also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and thus our bilingual team is able to deal with issues as French taxation for US residents. In that respect, our clients can entrust our expertise in international systems regarding tax matters. But even more, our specialized team is able to provide you excellent advice, top quality service and the highest fiscal standards in relation with French taxation for US residents among other areas. Indeed, American residents, as citizens of the United States must pay taxes on all income they earn wherever they are.

But according to your income, as a US resident, your French taxes can be credited against your American taxes. In other words, so you will not have to pay any money, except if you have important income in the US. This being so, as documents required to fill in the exclusions and credits are such complex and can be managed to reduce your overall fiscal burden, it is crucial for your organization to contact a fully qualified and experienced CPA and audit firm, well informed with French taxation for US residents, as Vachon & Associés.

As a responsive team composed of almost fourty members, we are more than able to face such a mission. Our bilingual team formed both in impatriate and expatriate tax procedures, we obviously can look after your US tax return for your time abroad as well as your French taxation for US residents. Focused on tax management issues, we offer strategic services while respecting tax legislation in France. In addition, we propose tax optimization consultancy to make it sure that your international branch does not pay too much tax. Moreover, these accountancy tax services also encompass audit, payroll, reporting and consolidation.