Running an international group of companies means that you have plenty of challenges to contend with. Different markets often require different approaches and designing and delivering such strategies is a major task. Similarly, regulatory requirements such as taxation, accountancy and employment legislation can differ from country to country, making it difficult to find the resources to keep up. Internal systems may not even be able to work with these different standards. In such cases many international companies choose to outsource the management of such ancillary services. Vachon et Associes was founded in 1997 to assist just such companies. Many clients approach us to operate the payroll for their French subsidiary, among other services. As an internationally experienced company with deep expertise in French employment and taxation regulations, we are able to offer a full range of services for payroll in your French subsidiary.

Choosing Vachon et Associes to manage payroll for your French subsidiary

At Vachon et Associes our bilingual team of four partners and 40 colleagues is ideally placed to offer first class services for payroll in your French subsidiary. Some clients choose to retain us purely to advise and consult on payroll issues, while other wish us to manage their existing systems. Many clients, however, choose to outsource payroll in their French subsidiary completely. In addition to these services our clients can also benefit from the full range of accountancy services and advice, including audit, reporting, consolidation and taxation matters. As an internationally focused company we are fully familiar with IFRS and GAAP, along with national standards, such as those operating in the UK and US.

Benefits from outsourcing payroll for your French subsidiary

When you outsource the payroll of your French subsidiary to Vachon et Associes, you can be sure of the highest standards. Our intimate knowledge of French employment legislation and taxation means that your staff will be paid accurately. Salary queries and mistakes can be demotivating for staff and time consuming for management. Having professionals take care of the task means that both can concentrate on the job in hand. The outsourcing of services like payroll in your French subsidiary also means that you can refocus the time you would spend on such administrative matters. This allows you to focus more of your energies on those areas that will directly impact the bottom line, growing your business and its increasing profits.