Do you know what the requirements are for payroll in France?

Are you planning to expand your business or start a new one in Paris, France? You must comply with the French legislation.

At Vachon et Associes we are well aware of the challenges facing our international clients in managing their French businesses. Shaping their product and service offering to reflect the demands of the French market is a vital task, as is building and managing the team to deliver the company’s French business plan. These day to day challenges take up much management time and make it more difficult to dedicate sufficient resources to ancillary services. That is why many such companies retain our services for payroll management in France. Retaining professional help in such areas is a sensible and efficient method of delivering these services and allows clients to concentrate on the more pressing aspects of their business. When you retain Vachon et Associes for payroll management in France, you can be sure of a proven and effective service with the highest professional standards.

Choosing Vachon et Associes for your payroll management in France

As a medium sized firm of four partners and 40 colleagues, we have the resources to offer a full range of services for payroll management in France and also the flexibility to hone these services to meet your own demands. Some clients retain us simply to advise their own internal payroll teams, while others ask us to manage their in-house systems. Our services for payroll management in France also include full outsourcing, where we handle all aspects of the service. Our work with a wide range of international companies operating in France means that we have extensive expertise in both impatriate and expatriate taxation matters, allowing us to ensure such employees have their taxation issues handled effectively.

Complementary accountancy services for payroll management in France

As a leading French accountancy practice we know that many clients require additional services for their French businesses. For these companies we offer a full range of services, including audit, reporting, consolidation and taxation. Building on our services for payroll management in France, we are also expert in international accountancy standards, such as GAAP and IFRS, while being fully experienced in the national regulations of the UK and US. Our helpful, bilingual team will work closely with your own staff to deliver precisely the mix of services that meet your needs, whether that be only payroll management in France or a wider accounting or taxation requirement. Together we will ensure you can properly focus on the growth of your company.

Understanding the Complex Payroll System of France

Payroll management is a fundamental aspect of HR. Payroll advisory services are designed to materialise calculations and issuance of payslips. Beyond this function is a complex process that requires administrative integrity and long-term engagement from recruitment to the closing of contracts.

France experiences drastic changes in regulation, making the payroll system difficult to master. Payroll outsourcing in France can shed some light on the specificities. Vachon & Associes specialists will clarify the most crucial procedures and terms for everyone in your company.

For starters, you need to sign a contract as required by the French labour law. French employees have numerous rights granted by collective agreements and the Labour Code. The latter dictates minimum working conditions like holidays, working hours, dismissal terms, overtime payments, employee health and safety, notice periods etc. The collective agreements are arranged by employers’ associations and the syndicates.

You cannot alter employment laws in any way through private agreements with your employees. Whether your employees are foreigners or French citizens, they entitled to the same working conditions and benefits. But rules are different for certain categories of workers such as factory labourers, managers and directors.

Did you know that foreign companies are to expand their ventures in France without necessarily establishing a legal entity? This is a special feature known as Entreprise Sans Etablissement en France or ESEF. This gives foreigners an easy time when registering with local authorities and also when terminating their businesses. It is not mandatory to open a French subsidiary or a branch. For tax consulting France visit our offices today.

Full Payroll Outsourcing

No matter the kind of business you set up, Vachon & Associes has rich experience as far as Payroll audit in France goes. Let us handle the HR administration on behalf of your company. If you want to hire in France, there are a number of things you should consider.

Our services are up to date and fully compliant with the current payroll requirements in France. Are you a newcomer to France? Our start-up kit will be of great help as you register with various French authorities. We’ll make your Payroll for French branch easier.

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