Building your business in France is a challenging and exciting undertaking. It can be so rewarding to see your brand take root and flourish in your new market but you also know that businesses in France must complete the less exciting, regulatory activities. Choosing a statutory auditor in France may not be the most pressing decision on your to-do list but for many companies Vachon et Associes is a natural choice for this task. Our practice was founded in 1997 and specialises in working with multinational companies with businesses in France. Retaining our services as your statutory auditor in France means working with a company that understands the pressures of running a French subsidiary and has vast experience in the accounting requirements of such companies.

Selecting Vachon et Associes as your statutory auditor in France

Vachon et Associes has built a major audit practice with enviable experience. In addition to working as a statutory auditor in France, we also carry out contractual audits. We also produce regulated reports for mergers and acquisitions and carry our a full range of financial advisory services. Our work as your statutory auditor in France is based on the substantial experience and expertise of our colleagues and makes use of proven and effective techniques. This methodology is is designed to uncover and quantify any areas of high risk that may expose the business. At all times during the audit we will provide you with clear and responsive technical support to allow your team full understanding of the process. You will also have access to our transparency report that outlines our approach to quality control and independence.

Additional services from your statutory auditor in France

As a leading CPA firm in Paris we offer a full range of accountancy services to complement our work as a statutory auditor in France. These can include all areas of reporting and consolidation work along with payroll advice and outsourcing. Our seasoned international team is fully experienced in GAAP and IFRS and also the national systems of the UK and US. We also have an extensive tax consultancy practice. This team offers a full range of services including tax return completion and taxation management. The team also offers a tax optimisation service that focuses on ensuring our clients do not overpay tax. Our taxation services also include a full tax audit capability and tax litigation function.