Running a company in France requests many parameters. Applying a statutory auditor French subsidiary is not the first step but it is important and useful for your society.

At Vachon & Associés, your statutory auditor French subsidiary has the legal mission of auditing enterprise budget. He checks their work in more details. Then, he draws up a written report on the current situation in which he expresses and explains his opinion as to whether the accounts display a true and fair view of the enterprise’s situation.

As a part of his statutory mission, the statutory auditor French subsidiary must be adapted with legal and administrative provisions. Vachon & Associés has developed a main audit practice with enviable experience. In addition to working as a statutory auditor French subsidiary, we also carry out legal audits. We deliver as well regulated and detailed study for mergers and acquisitions and carry out a full range of financial advisory services.

Our activity as your statutory auditor French subsidiary relies on the considerable experience and expertise of our partners and makes use of accurate and efficient techniques. This process has been planned to help bring greater stability and prosperity to the company as well as to detect possible problems in time. Our audit accounting firm in France is focused on working with global companies and that is reflected in our international expertise. This qualification gives us the opportunity to intervene across national boundaries while being well informed with international norms like IFRS and GAAP. We are also fully trained with both UK and US standards. Our work as a statutory auditor French subsidiary has helped us develop expertise in both cross border transactions and impatriate and expatriate tax points.

As a medium sized audit accounting firm in France we have the resources to face without difficulty main tasks. As a bilingual organization, our team is competent and flexible, apt to work closely with your members to make it sure that you acquire maximum advantages from our assistance.