Launching and running a subsidiary in France can be a challenging time. Competition has never been greater and companies are rightly focused on ensuring that their sales and marketing efforts are properly targeted and delivering results. Running a subsidiary company also exposes groups to the complexities of differing international regulatory requirements. Vachon et Associes was founded in 1997 to offer professional services to just such companies. Our work encompasses the disciplines of audit, accountancy and taxation and our focus on international clients means that we are often retained as a tax consolidation accountant in France. These multinational companies are often keen to minimise their administration overheads in all areas of ancillary services. For some, this makes tax consolidation an attractive proposition. As an experienced tax consolidation accountant in France, Vachon et Associes can advise on the benefits and manage the process throughout.

Retaining Vachon et Associes as your tax consolidation accountant in France

When you choose to work with Vachon et Associes as your tax consolidation accountant in France, you are gaining an experienced partner with an enviable international pedigree. Our choice in working with global clients means that we have extensive expertise in GAAP and IFRS and also national frameworks such as those of the UK and US. As your tax consolidation accountant in France we will undertake all activities, taking over or supervising all consolidation work including the preparation of financial statement footnotes. Working to IFRS standards, we will ensure an efficient and professional process, resulting in the establishment of a properly constructed consolidated taxation regime.

Complementary services from your tax consolidation accountant in France

The knowledge that we gain in our work as your tax consolidation accountant in France can then be leveraged elsewhere. Our accountancy team offers services in areas such as reporting and payroll and we also have a major audit team. This team are fully experienced in both contractual and statutory audits and produce regulated reports for mergers and acquisitions. Our practice also offers wide ranging financial advisory services. In addition to our work as your tax consolidation accountant in France, our taxation team offers a comprehensive tax management service. This encompasses the completion of tax returns, tax audit and tax litigation services. Our tax optimisation team, meanwhile, works hard to ensure that our clients only pay the tax that is due. With such a portfolio of services and personalised attention, we provide outstanding value to our clients.