Vachon et Associes was launched in 1997 with the goal to assist global companies setting up and running subsidiaries in France. Working extensively with such companies means that we understand the challenges involved in growing a business in France. Most such companies are entirely focused on their day to day activities and have little time left over for administrative and regulatory matters. That is where our services can help. By offering our clients assistance in accountancy, tax and audit matters, they are more able to focus on core business activities. Our experience in these areas means that we understand why tax consolidation in France can be beneficial to our clients. Many such clients have large groups of associated companies and subsidiaries. Tax consolidation in France means that these groups can greatly simplify their tax affairs and further reduce the administration overheads associated with taxation.

Choosing Vachon et Associes to deliver tax consolidation in France

Vachon et Associes are a leading CPA and audit firm in Paris, specialising in working with international companies operating in France. This experience positions us perfectly to work with you on tax consolidation in France. Our internationally experienced accountants are fully familiar with GAAP and IFRS and also the local arrangements in place in the US and UK. This broad knowledge of accountancy practices across your group means that we can easily work with various sets of accounts as we work towards your tax consolidation in France. Conducting the transition process to IFRS, we will handle the production of all financial statement footnotes and at all times work to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Services complementing tax consolidation in France

The knowledge that we gain in managing your move to tax consolidation in France means that your company is perfectly positioned to take advantage of our other professional services. Our accountancy team offer wide ranging services, including reporting and payroll. Our audit team is fully experienced in both statutory and contractual audits and produce regulated reports for mergers and acquisitions. We also provide extensive financial advisory services. Our taxation team extends their services from tax consolidation in France to include a full tax management service. This can include the preparation of tax returns, tax audit and tax litigation. Our tax optimisation team, meanwhile, works to ensure that our clients only pay that tax which is due. In all areas, our clients enjoy the highest professional standards and individual service.