In 1997 Vachon et Associes was founded with the mission to help international companies operating in France. Our goal is to provide a range of professional services to allow our clients to focus all of their efforts on those activities that contribute most to the success of their businesses, rather than getting distracted by administration. Since launch we have grown to a practice of almost thirty, offering a full range of accountancy and tax services to French subsidiary companies. Our bilingual teams are able to work closely with clients, offering the best advice and tailoring our offerings to provide bespoke tax services to French subsidiary companies, which exactly meet their needs. Our expertise and experience means that our clients can be sure their tax affairs are in perfect order, leaving them free to grow their businesses.

Tax services for French subsidiary companies from Vachon et Associes

When you retain Vachon et Associes to deliver tax services to your French subsidiary company you can be sure of the highest standards of professional integrity and the best quality of informed advice. We have a full service offering which can include the preparation of all tax returns for your French subsidiary. We also offer more strategic tax services to French subsidiary companies, including tax management and tax optimisation. Finally, our offering includes full tax audit services and, if required, tax litigation. As an internationally focused company, we are also expert in all aspects of both impatriate and expatriate taxation issues.

Leveraging out tax services for your French subsidiary

As a fully qualified and experienced audit and CPA practice, Vachon et Associes can also offer our clients a comprehensive range of accountancy services, to complement our work with tax services to your French company. These range from audit, to reporting, payroll and consolidation. We also boast a considerable international pedigree and are familiar working with international standards like GAAP and IFRS. We are also experienced in national regulations, such as those of the UK and US. Our work with international clients has also made us expert in cross border transactions. When you entrust us with tax services for your French subsidiary, you are assured of the most professional advice but we also bring additional value. Knowing your tax liabilities means that you can manage your resources accordingly, without worrying about an unexpected bill. Our tax optimisation team also makes sure that your business is not paying too much tax.