Outsource Accounting Services to a French Company and Save Finance


Did you know you could save up to 70% of your company cost by outsourcing accounting services to a French company?

Many clients have saved huge sums of money through Vachon & Associés. When it comes to accounting practices, we use proactive steps to keep up with both national and international standards.

We provide a comprehensive range of services including financial planning, accounting, transparency report, tax preparation, insurance services and payroll processing. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of French accounting environment enable us to offer intelligent solutions at quick turnarounds.


Types of accounting services you should outsource


Accounting is a critical function of any business. It helps you to keep a record of financial transactions and determine the financial stability of your company. This allows you to make informed and timely decisions.

Outsourcing a chartered accountant in France can save you a lot of overhead costs. A team of financial experts can look into your company’s data and detect any type of fraud. Through forensic data analysis, we can predict the likelihood of fraud happening in the future.


At Vachon & Associés, we understand that cash flow management is a resource-intensive endeavour. Our accountants possess the necessary skills for quality cash flow management. They are also in a position to process accurate invoices.


If you need help with payroll management in France, you can count on our expertise. After taking an account of all taxes, we can help you record the salaries, commissions and bonuses of your employees. Last but not least, we can create highly accurate financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow statement and income statement.


Benefits of using our audit and accounting firm


We strongly believe in technology. That’s why we remain updated with the latest trends and tools in the accounting industry. We utilize some of the most popular accounting software and their updated versions.


Data security is a major concern in this era. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your data is safe. Our data security policies are in place and you’ll sign a confidentiality agreement.


When it comes to pricing, we are flexible enough. You are charged depending on the type of project and the time required to complete it. This enables us to give the most cost-effective services to our clients.


Having served numerous French companies for over 2 decades, we understand that businesses work differently. If you call us today, we start by analysing your specific needs. From there we can design a customized solution for your business


Outsource all your accounting services to Vachon & Associés

As a leading bookkeeping firm in France, we offer services of high precision. Get ready fan update of your company’s financial health. Our job is to ensure that your financial dealings are up to date so you can make smart business decisions.

Whether you are in the real estate, healthcare or IT sector, you have come to the right place for reliable, cost-effective and efficient accounting services. Get in touch with your specialists today