As many countries, France imposes taxation (known as corporate tax French subsidiary on the income or capital of legal firms. Most jurisdictions tax foreign corporations on business income.

It is thus crucial to work with a company well informed about tax issues. And if many clients prefer working with our company on corporate tax French subsidiary, it is in particular thanks to our expertise and competence in all fields dealing with taxation legislation in France. Indeed, the members within our own organization provide a range of taxation services for its clients. They are able to assist your society in planning all your tax report relating to corporate tax French company. Taxation that applies to your company as a foreign organization (like corporation tax in France) can be managed by our team of experts.

At Vachon & Associés, our services referring to corporate tax French subsidiary, involves that our taxation specialists, fully competent in tax point, do everything in their power to make sure that foreign companies do not pay an excessive tax. On the other hand, if your company has to face tax litigation problems, our team of tax or legal advisors, in contacts with the fiscal and tax administration, is able to help your firm during tax and fiscal controls if required.

At the same level, our best specialists can propose full tax audit services. With many years’ experience regarding tax optimization, the team at Vachon & Associés gives their clients the possibility to pay exclusively the contribution which is due.

An international firm such as ours implies that our experts are qualified to proceed with cross border transaction as well as expatriate and impatriate taxation at all levels. Among our duty of corporate tax French subsidiary, we ensure that we systemically present advice and argumentation of a high level before the tax authorities and the administrative courts. In the context of corporate tax French branch, placing your trust in our team of experts allows you to concentrate on developing your subsidiary in France.