Vachon et Associes was founded in 1997 to provide assistance to global companies operating in France. We offer a full range of professional services, encompassing all areas of accountancy, audit and taxation. Our work with such companies means that we understand the challenges they face. Building up a new business in a new country takes a huge amount of effort and concentration. That can make it difficult to get to grips with administrative issues like local taxation. Our services around tax optimisation in France mean that our clients can concentrate on managing and growing their businesses, while we look after their tax matters. Our expertise in tax optimisation and consolidation in France means that our clients can be sure their tax affairs are in order. Our consultants will make sure that the highest fiscal standards are maintained while making sure only the correct amount of tax is paid.

Choosing Vachon et Associes for your tax optimisation in France

At Vachon et Associes we are expert in assisting our clients to ensure that their tax affairs are in perfect order. In addition to our services for tax optimisation in Paris, we provide comprehensive taxation support. Our team can work with you to prepare all tax returns associated with the business. We also offer strategic tax management services and have a full tax audit offering. Where required, our team also has expertise in tax litigation. As an internationally focused company specialising in tax optimisation in France, we are fully familiar with all aspects of impatriate and expatriate taxation issues. In short, our tax services mean that our clients’ taxation affairs are kept in correct order and that no unnecessary tax is paid.

Services to complement tax optimisation in France

Vachon et Associes is a fully qualified audit and CPA practice and, as you might expect, we offer a complete range of professional services to assist our clients. In addition to our work with our clients on tax optimisation in France, we provide both contractual and statutory audits. Our accountancy practice also boasts an extensive offering, with services in reporting, consolidation and payroll. Our globally experienced team can advise on international standards like GAAP and IFRS and also the national systems of the UK and US. Whether clients retain us solely for tax optimisation in France or engage us for a wider range of services, they can be sure of the highest professional standards.