Whether you are setting up or growing your business in France, you are sure to face many challenges and unearth many opportunities. It is important to focus on the core areas of your business, such as ensuring that your products and service offerings are aligned to your French customers’ needs and building the team to deliver your business growth. For many companies, that means partnering with organisations who can provide professional services, rather than attempt to carry out such work in-house. Vachon et Associes has been providing such services since 1997, as a leading audit and public accounting firm (CPA). During this time we have specialised in operating as the CPA for the French subsidiary companies of international clients. With an internationally experienced team of bilingual accountants, we are ideally placed to offer excellent professional services as CPA for your French subsidiary.

Choosing Vachon et Associes as CPA for your French subsidiary

At Vachon et Associes we are a medium sized practice with four partners and 40 colleagues. As CPA for your French subsidiary, this makes us large enough to tackle substantial clients and small enough to tailor services to our clients’ specific needs. We have a full service offering, including taxation, audit, consolidation, reporting and payroll. Our long experience working as Certified public accountant for French subsidiary companies means that we are fully familiar with international GAAP and IFRS standards, as well as the national regulations of the UK, US and France. Our global outlook means that we are also expert in cross border transactions and both expatriate and impatriate taxation matters. We pride ourselves on developing close business relationships and our clients always have access to senior members of our team.

Our value as CPA for your French subsidiary

When you appoint Vachon et Associes as CPA for your French subsidiary you can be certain of the highest professional standards. Our experience in this sector and our international pedigree means that we are able to align your French accounts to international standards, allowing your managers to gain a clear and consistent view of financial performance across all of your businesses. This means that you can compare like with like and make informed decisions about the level of investment in the business. With Vachon et Associes working as the CPA for your French subsidiary, you can free up management time to concentrate on those activities that will contribute most to the growth of your business.