Vachon et Associes work with companies to assist them with ancillary services, such as audit, accountancy and taxation. The practice was founded in 1997 and specialises in working with international companies operating in France. Such companies face stiff challenges in a highly competitive market and we allow them to concentrate on their core business by managing these administrative services. Being faced with a tax audit in France can be daunting for any company but perhaps even more so for a French subsidiary, where knowledge of process and regulations may not be complete. Our services for tax audit in France ensure that our clients are well prepared for any such eventuality and that their tax affairs are in perfect order. Our multilingual team of 40 colleagues led by four partners are professional and approachable and well placed to offer excellent service and advice.

Retaining Vachon et Associes for your tax audit in France

Vachon et Associes has an extensive taxation consultancy team to extend our offering in tax audit in France. This tax team can assist with the preparation of all tax returns associated with your French subsidiary. Their tax management service also includes a tax litigation team, should a company experience disputes. Your tax audit in France may uncover areas where an excess of tax is being paid. Our clients can then benefit from our tax optimisation team, who work closely with clients to ensure that only the proper amount of tax is being paid. Our international experience also means that we are able to advise on all areas of expatriate or impatriate taxation.

Additional services to complement your tax audit in France

Clearly Vachon et Associes has an expert tax consultancy team to assist with your tax audit in France. As a leading CPA and audit company, however, we also have an extensive offering in the areas of accountancy and audit. Our accountancy team is experienced in the international standards of IFRS and GAAP and familiar with the national regulations of the UK and US. Services include all areas of reporting, consolidation and payroll. In addition to tax audit in France, our audit function is fully experienced in statutory and contractual audits. We produce regulated reports for mergers and acquisitions and offer informed financial advisory services. In whatever area we are retained, our clients find the same dedication to the highest fiscal standards and responsive, personal service.