Looking for French GAAP in Paris

Vachon et Associes was formed in 1997 to help international companies locating in France. We do this by providing a comprehensive range of professional services, based around accountancy, taxation and audit. It is our belief that looking after such matters for our clients allows them to concentrate fully on their core business activities and grow that business to success and profit. Since our launch we have grown to a team of 40 colleagues and four partners. These professionals are internationally experienced, familiar with French GAAP but also international standards in force elsewhere. This expertise is vital in our support of our international clients. Our bilingual team is able to work closely with these companies, explaining the differences between French GAAP and other systems and arranging the accounts of their French subsidiary accordingly.

Working with French GAAP and other international standards

As an internationally focused company working with global clients, we are fully experienced in working with international accounting standards. This means that we are just as familiar with IFRS as we are with French GAAP. We are also experienced in UK and US systems. Our work with our clients involves us in all areas of accounting, such as consolidation, payroll and reporting. We also offer a full audit service covering both statutory and contractual audits and we provide a comprehensive taxation service. As a fully qualified CPA firm, our knowledge of French GAAP is first class. Combined with our international expertise, this puts us in a strong position to provide valuable services to our client base. Our clients tell us our size is a virtue. It gives us the resources to handle major assignments but allows us to be flexible, adjusting our delivery to suit the needs of our clients.

Benefiting from our expertise in French GAAP and other systems

There are many firms with good knowledge of French accounting but fewer with real expertise in international systems. What really differentiates Vachon et Associes is our experience of working with global companies operating in France. Our vast experience in this area means that we understand the challenges our clients face. This means that our services are shaped accordingly. Whether it is just for assistance with French GAAP regulations or full outsourcing of accountancy services, our clients can depend upon us for excellent advice, top quality service and the highest fiscal standards. They are then free to concentrate their efforts of building their French business.


Are you aware of the differences between UK based and French accounting standards? The distinction covers various aspects including financial reporting application, accounting practice methodology and bookkeeping procedures. The United Kingdom is governed by the GAAP- Generally Accepted Accounting Principles while France follows PCG– Plan Comptable Général- and IFRS.

All the listed companies in France must also comply with the IFRS- International Financial Reporting Standards. Both the GAAP and IFRS cover various chapters highlighting accounting principles. The two accounting principles differ significantly when it comes to Income Tax.

For instance, the basis of deferred tax in IFRS is the temporary difference in the cost of a liability or asset. In GAAP, deferred tax is the timing difference between books. Both GAAP and IFRS stipulate that tax liabilities must be recognized fully. However, GAAP is more rigorous.

We Help International Companies Thrive in France

Vachon & Associes is an experienced Bookkeeping firm France. We also provide accounting, auditing and tax services to entrepreneurs entering the French economy. Many of our clients come for advisory and proactive assistance so they can focus on their daily business.

As an independent firm for tax consulting in France, we have international experience. Our certified public accountants communicate in English and have mastered the French GAAP. As such, we are able to assist foreign clients who are opening new businesses in France.

Are you looking to set up a subsidiary group, branch, or a representative of an international company? We can liaise with the bank, attorney or a relevant adviser when necessary. Worry about making profits and leave taxation and tax compliance to us.

If you operate a large business, then you understand how important auditing is. Vachon & Associes offers auditing related services including tax and payroll audit in France. We audit and review financial statements according to French GAAP and international standards. Moreover, we conduct an assessment of internal controls and financial due diligence.


In Need of Payroll Services?

French laws pertaining to employment are a bit complicated. If you need assistance with payroll for a French subsidiary, we can assist in a number of ways. Whether you are stuck with annual social returns, employee registration, payslip preparation, payroll and social payments or social contribution, don’t hesitate to liaise with us.

We work hand in hand with certified lawyers who understand every nook and cranny of employment rules. If necessary, we can involve your HR department and consult French social bodies. We will help you to set up pension plans, healthcare guarantees and social audits.

Our specialists understand all the procedures and have put everything in place to make sure that you get complete, accurate and the best level of accounting services. We have proved to be a top accounting firm in Paris offering auditing services to French subsidiaries from international organizations.

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